Jadelynn Brooke

Jadelynn Brooke was built on 8 to 5 dance parties, lots of lattes, & a ton of love.

Our mission: to create real moments of happiness - one person, one product, and one story at a time.

We are three sisters who had a big dream & found a way to make it happen. “Jade” is the youngest, Lexi “Lynn” is the oldest & “Brooke” is lucky to be caught in the middle. We hope that our dream inspires you to CHASE YOURS. 


Please check out our super fun backpacks, decor items, office/desk and the best agendas around.  We hope you love all of our happy and beautiful things as much as we love bringing them to you.

Jade, Lexi "Lynn" and Brooke - XO




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  • Shelly R Henderson

    My daughter has a 2020 planner from you all and absolutely loves it. I was going to order a 2021 for a Christmas gift for her, but I can’t seem to find it on the website. Do you have one available for 2021? Thanks!