July 27, 2016


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


DOWN! SET! HU—LLLOO awesome tailgaters! Football season is upon us!! 

Next to Christmas, football has been proudly wearing the silver medal for the most wonderful time of the year.

It seemed like since our relationship with football is practically “Facebook Official” it seemed like a good idea to throw a couple fun frazzle facts about where our love for this game comes from:


  1. Yes we realize we are not boys, on top of the fact that we have no brother, but we are the daughters of Jill Beerman, who just so happens to be the loudest football fan in the United States of America.
  2. If we didn’t go to our Big Daddys’s house when we were little to watch the UT game, we didn’t get to partake in the Banana Pudding. As a 7 year old, we had a priorities straight.     Banana Pudding > everything else on the planet.
  3. Growing up with 3 sisters means a lot of tackling each other for cute clothes and shoes, so essentially we have been NFL material since day 1.
  4. We were always taught to be tougher than the guys in helmets and shoulder pads.
  5. Game day outfits. Things we plan months in advanced. We love them!

So there you have it. The top 5 reasons why being the biggest fans has always been a crucial part of our lifestyle. I think our next sisterly mission is going to be to make the sport more of a year round, daily, kinda thing. Who wouldn’t love that life?

Exactly. We knew y’all would understand.






June 17, 2016



*Plugs in aux cord* 

*Cranks “Birthday” by Katy Perry*

*Initiate dance party*

Today is the best day of all days ever! We are officially 2 years young! Time has seriously flown by. Kind of like when you aim to take a 10 minute power nap and wake up 730 days later.

2 years ago, our dream became a reality. We have gone from doodling fun patterns and quirky sayings at the kitchen table, to seeing our shirts on college campus’s & in magazines. Like what? Somebody pinch us already!

 So considering it is Happy’s birthday, he wanted to give all of YOU the presents this year!

Here’s the dealio:

This year we are giving a “2 Year Celebration Pack” with the purchase of TWO tanks and/or T – Shirts! Pretty sweet right?

The pack is essentially just a box full of happiness for y’all.

It includes 

  • Sunset LOGO tank                        
  • Birthday Koozie                                   
  • Floaty Keychain
  • And some seriously fun stickers!      

This promotion ends Sunday May 19th, 2016 at MIDNIGHT.

June 13, 2016


Calling All Bookworms!

So it has come to my attention that there are books out there that not only look good for Tumblr posts and decoration on your coffee table, but also are seriously good reads. Now I get it, it’s 2016 and the world is basically dominated by Netflix marathons and movie theaters with reclining chairs, but IF you are reading is still your jam then I think I might have a killer suggestion for you.

The first disclaimer is that, yes – I am about to recommend a novel to you that is not a New York Best seller nor is it a very “traditionally” written book in general. I am on the other hand suggesting a hard back-comedy filled- 246 paged book of genius.  

“How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are – Love, Style, and Bad Habits,” by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas. 

Side note: Is your brain hurting from reading that long title as much as my hands hurt from typing it? Ok, cool. Just checking.


If you want to judge this book by it’s cover, PERF! This book is exactly what it advertises. It explains the glamorous Paris life style and behaviors. Some of which are wildly surprising and others I could have guessed myself. The way the concepts are delivered and broken up is super easy to read. It is the definition of a page-turner.

The major key that this book leaves you with is that whether you are Parisian or not, a girl boss with class and a signature color can for real do anything.

Check it out & let us know how Parisian and fabulous you feel after reading it yourself!

Au Revoir!


June 02, 2016


Donuts Make Us Go Nuts!

There are a lot of special national holidays that we as a nation celebrate every single year. Some more exciting than others, but today, we are here to give more love and recognition to something very near & dear to our hearts here at Jadelynnbrooke.. A day so epic, it deserves its on dance party & it’s own moment of silence. NATIONAL DONUT DAY!

That’s right people, let’s just take a second to celebrate and honor the donut Gods for creating these round bundles of heavens sugary goodness.


We also thought that due to our expertise on the matter, that we would share with all of you our personal fav flavors and give you a little back story on when our love for this creation sparked into something major.

Long story short, our grandpa – Big Daddy – didn’t only help us create our entire platform for happiness, but he also gets full credit in providing little Jade, Lexi Lynn, and Brooke with donut holes at a young age. Every morning after sleeping over at his house, the smell of chocolate Dunkin’ Donut holes filled the kitchen. Trust us, that stuff is so much better than waking up to the
smell of bacon. smell of bacon. smell of bacon. 

There is a lot of little things that make us happy every single day, but donuts are prominently at the top of the list. Happy National Donut day, everybody! Celebrate big and enjoy yo self!

Brooke's: Cinnamon glazed twists

Lexi Lynn's: Blueberry cake donuts

Jade's: Chocolate cake donuts




May 26, 2016


Time for A Summer Dance Party!

Booyah!!! Hello summer, you have been seriously missed. Before the celebration of cold weather taking a hike, and all your exams and homework being in a much better place: the trash; we thought you could use some truly epic party jams to fit your vibe. Here is our Summer 2016 TOP 15 songs for a HAPPY summer! 


May 25, 2016

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Working Out is Great, but so is Cheesecake

So as you may or may not have heard, “athleisure” wear is the hot new jam for 2016! Considering that our day-to-day attire consists of running leggings, messy buns and tank tops, designing the JLB Fit collection was the equivalent of riding a bicycle. Fairly simple. (Most of the time)

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a nice run and leg day just as much as the next guy, but when your faced with the choice between a bikini bod and dessert before dinner, who do you think will win that battle? 



Well for this workout collection, we wanted to bring some life and color to your everyday workouts. Especially the tough ones. It’s that “wow, I am sweaty and gross, but dang girl, your working this outfit” feeling we were chasing after when designing the line.

We hope each of you love it as much as we did designing it!

Now it’s time to reward ourselves with cheesecake after writing this blog. Typing can be super exhausting, am I right?


May 23, 2016



This week marks one of the most totally epic-razzle-frazzle super coolness days in Jadelynnbrooke history! So brace yourselves.

In January we received an email from Andrea Stanely, one of the senior editor for SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, asking us if we would be interested in being interviewed and featured in one of this years issues.

(hmmm, let us think about that.. ABSOFLIPPINGLOUTELY!)


The experience of not only corresponding with Andrea throughout the interview process, but also reflecting back on these (almost) 2 years of serious fun really got us thinking of how far our happy has spread and grown since this company began!

The issue is suppose to hit the stands this week and has already been released to those fabulous Seventeen Magazine subscribers out there!

We couldn’t have received this insane opportunity without all the love and hugs from each and every one of our customers, boutiques, fans and family! Y’ALL ARE WHAT MAKE THIS LIFE SO GOOD.