June 6, 2015


Things I like:         

  1. Iced Coffee
  2. Dancing in Public
  3. Romantic comedies
  5. Every Episode of Friends                    
  6. Beyonce’s Existence



Hi there everybody!         

The excitement of getting to post my “About Me” page first is so real. For the sole reason that I’m the baby of the family and rarely get the honor of being the first person to do something. (#WINNING)

Who I am? Wow, that’s a loaded question. In a nutshell, I am made up of 70% quality sarcasm, 20% coffee, and 10% songs stuck in my head. I have been a volleyball player since I was ten years old, and I can’t remember the last time working out wasn’t on my to-do list. Regardless of my work out habits, I am always on a quest for a red velvet cupcake and/or cherry jolly ranchers.

I am in love with the state I live in, but if I got the chance to live in Paris, I would. My sisters are my rocks, and my best friend is the real deal.


I will be a Texas Tech Red Raider this upcoming fall and it’s borderline impossible to be as excited as I am! I was raised as a Texas Longhorn but secretly always thought I looked best in black and red.

Thanks for listening to me blab about myself for the past 2 minutes of your time.


Stay tuned to hear about my oldest sista, Lexi Lynn!







  • Cristie Brewer

    First congrats on your acceptance at Texas Tech! Your bio could be on my profile, I kid you not! Everything from sarcasm, volleyball, and the love for Red Velvet Cupcakes is me as well. Good luck at school sweetie. Your new adventure awaits. Keep up the great attire! SOUTHERN SASS

  • Hannah Y.

    Love this so much ? ya’ll have always been my 3 favorite sisters for the reason being, you’re all about happy and sharing yourselves with your fans and followers. Thank you so much, Jade, Lexi Lynn, and Brooke!! For once again, making us HAPPY!! ??

    ~’Scuse My Southern Prep