This week marks one of the most totally epic-razzle-frazzle super coolness days in Jadelynnbrooke history! So brace yourselves.

In January we received an email from Andrea Stanely, one of the senior editor for SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, asking us if we would be interested in being interviewed and featured in one of this years issues.

(hmmm, let us think about that.. ABSOFLIPPINGLOUTELY!)


The experience of not only corresponding with Andrea throughout the interview process, but also reflecting back on these (almost) 2 years of serious fun really got us thinking of how far our happy has spread and grown since this company began!

The issue is suppose to hit the stands this week and has already been released to those fabulous Seventeen Magazine subscribers out there!

We couldn’t have received this insane opportunity without all the love and hugs from each and every one of our customers, boutiques, fans and family! Y’ALL ARE WHAT MAKE THIS LIFE SO GOOD.



    Congrats from Houston Tx. !!!! I love y’all’s shirts and I’m a 58 year old fan !!! Can’t wait to see your next holiday design. Your parents gotta be proud ! Everyone wants to know where I got my car window decal. So I do spread the word down here. Hugs !

  • Avery Clynes

    OMG how exciting and awesome is this!!! I love y’alls company and how inspirational y’alls brand has been since the start!!! I can’t wait for the future of JLB and for more AMAZING things to happen in the future for y’all!! Thank you so much for letting us all be apart of your amazing journey with Jadelynn Brooke!!!
    ?-Avery Clynes

  • Gabrielle Miller

    Omg I am sooo happy for y’all! I absolutely love JLB and love to wear your clothes! It is sooo cool seeing how close y’all are as sisters because I have a twin brother and do everything together like y’all!????

  • Mackenzie Clynes

    So proud of you 3 girls!!! Love seeing Jadelynn Brooke grow and you girls are so inspiring and I love that you 3 sisters are so close!! My twin sister and I love wearing our Jadelynn Brooke gear together! ?