JLB Squad Rewards Program

IT'S A PARTY & EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS INVITED! Since we love our SQUAD (yes, you!) so much, we want to start REWARDING YOU for being so AMAZING!

Below are some FAQ + info on what our reward program is ALL ABOUT :

#1 What is the JLB SQUAD rewards program? 

#2 How do I join? Does it cost anything? 

#3  Do I get points for my prior purchases?

#4 How do I accumulate points? 

#5 How do I know how many points I have? 

#6 How do I redeem my points? 

#7 Do my points expire? 

#8 Where can I find how many points I have? 

#9  Why didn't I earn points on my birthday?

#10  Any further questions ?

#10 What are the different levels of the program and what do they mean?