We Are Jadelynn Brooke !

 ------------------------------Welcome to Jadelynn Brooke™------------------------------

Jadelynn Brooke was built on happy-thoughts-always, 8 to 5 dance parties, lots of lattes, & a ton of love. We are three sisters who had a big dream & found a way to make it happen. “Jade” is the youngest, Lexi “Lynn” is the oldest & “Brooke” is lucky to be caught in the middle. We have the funniest & most inspiring grandpa who taught us that “being happy is a choice, so choose it & have a fun life.” So, in honor of him, we named our logo – “Happy” – which is perfect because 110% of the time, that’s how we are all trying to be, right? We hope that our dream inspires YOURS. Let’s spread as much HAPPY as we can together! – xo