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At Jadelynn Brooke we love happy preppy people!   Jadelynn Brooke are three sisters born & raised in the South.  "Jade" is the youngest.  "Lynn" is the middle name of the oldest sister (Lexi is her first name)  & "Brooke" is the one always stuck in the middle.  We have the funniest grandpa who taught us that 'being happy is a choice ... so choose it and have a fun life."  So, In honor of our "Big Daddy" we named our preppy bow-tie wearing Buck "Happy".  We hope that our Deerly Southern™ attire becomes a contagious movement spreading HAPPY to all of us preps out there.  


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

July 27, 2016

  DOWN! SET! HU—LLLOO awesome tailgaters! Football season is upon us!!  Next to Christmas, football has been proudly wearing the silver medal for the most wonderful time of the year. It seemed like since our relationship with football is practically “Facebook Official” it seemed like a good idea to throw a couple fun frazzle facts about where our love for this game comes from:   Yes we realize we are not boys, on top of the fact that we have no brother, but we are the daughters of Jill Beerman, who just so happens to be the loudest football fan in the United States of America. If we didn’t go to our Big Daddys’s house when we were little to...

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June 17, 2016

*Plugs in aux cord*  *Cranks “Birthday” by Katy Perry* *Initiate dance party* Today is the best day of all days ever! We are officially 2 years young! Time has seriously flown by. Kind of like when you aim to take a 10 minute power nap and wake up 730 days later. 2 years ago, our dream became a reality. We have gone from doodling fun patterns and quirky sayings at the kitchen table, to seeing our shirts on college campus’s & in magazines. Like what? Somebody pinch us already!  So considering it is Happy’s birthday, he wanted to give all of YOU the presents this year! Here’s the dealio: This year we are giving a “2 Year Celebration Pack” with...

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