Magnolia Moments Candle

Candle - Magnolia Moments

Scent: We always had Magnolia scented candles burning in our house growing up.  So this scent was our first one to develop.  We think it's the perfect candle to burn while you're taking a bubble bath or just laying around watching your favorite series on repeat.  

Color: Periwinkle Floral

Weight: 11 oz

  • Metallic Gold Lid
  • Multicolor Pom Poms - 1.75" Diameter
  • Total Candle Height w/ Pom Pom - 5.75"
  • Total Candle Diameter - 3.75"
  • 2 Wick
  • 85% Soy 15% Plant Derivatives
  • Glass Vessel
  • Metal Lid

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