Where tiny outfits are made for tiny babes to do BIG things. Our mission? That’s easy –

For YOUR MINI to look GOOD & FEEL GOOD 24/7. To let your personality and happiness be reflected through the wardrobe of your little girl or boy boss. (& supply a few laughs to all the baby showers you attend.)

2018 was a big one. HUGE.  Lexi Lynn did the coolest thing a sister can do… and made us both aunts! BOOM. Coolest title we’ve ever gotten.

*Cue Moxie Mae Wier intro music*


Our niece Moxie grew our hearts 10 times the size the moment she arrived. She is Adele & Olaf the Snow Man biggest fan. The #1 consumer of avocados and blueberries. Loves when her aunts make up raps with her name in it. She can make even the most timid person DANCE.

Tiny Tinies was inspired by our little mini and we hope it can inspire your tiny to grow up feeling as happy and as funny as the onesie they are rocking!


Jade, Lexi Lynn, Brooke & Moxie, of course! - XO


  • Sheri Carr

    Can you just order the coffee cups socks by themselves?

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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