July 30, 2015

Hello all you HAPPY beautiful people!

To start off today’s blog, we wanted to try a little group exercise. Close your eyes. 

Come on, go ahead. Just humor me, and try it. Now picture the cutest beachy town you can, filled with colorful houses, and people biking everywhere because everything is within crawling distance. Everyone in the town is happy and friendly and the beach is white, soft and magnificent. Now OPEN! You’re now wishing this place existed am I right? WELL SEASIDE FLORIDA IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS PEOPLE!

Our family just got back from our yearly trip down there and it was paradise to say the least. We started our week off with the first day consisting of, surprise surprise, A JADELYNNBROOKE PHOTO SHOOT! Our sweet photographer, Jen Soos, captured our new designs in the most bright and fun way possible! We couldn’t be HAPPIER with the shots we got and we can’t wait to release everything to y’all very soon. 

Besides soaking up some Vitamin E and shopping till we drop, we also got the opportunity to meet a ton of our amazing fans! We had an appearance and giveaway at the cutest store in Seaside, Focus Lifestyle Boutique! and it couldn’t have gone better! We got the chance to meet the happiest and most supportive girls. It really showed us how lucky we are to have followers like all of you! 

Now our trip wasn’t all work and no play! Our week was filled with beach bum essentials and some much needed R&R.

Don’t worry, we’re back and couldn’t be happier to get back to business!


Jade, Lexi Lynn & Brooke! 


  • Mia Reynes

    I love your girls blogs! Keep writing them, I love reading them!

  • Cristie Brewer

    I just moved from Pensacola, FL where the beaches are the whitest white. If I may make a suggestion for you ladies, next time your in the panhandle/Gulf Coast you should check out Ft. Walton or Destin for some fun! There’s a really cool vibe there, awesome food, and plenty of fun in the sun, or the nightlife is lively as well. I’m glad you all enjoyed your trip to Florida! Keep up the great attire!! Southern is as Southern does! Southern Ladies Love Better!

  • Melanie Vance

    My family and I were in Destin a couple of weeks ago and a wonderful friend suggested we visit Seaside. So very glad we did. Loved it there!! Did a little shopping and bought another JadeLynn Brooke shirt to add to my collection!. Was so excited to find another store that sold your things. I bought my first sweatshirt in Hot Springs AR. You girls are precious! Thanks for all you do. Hugs!?