May 28, 2015


Hello all you happy people!! Today’s the day that we finally get our blog up and running!

(Pause for 10-second freestyle.)

For those of you who are new to us, WELCOME TO THE PARTY!  We are so happy you’re here!

To be completely real with you, this is our first attempt at a blog. However, we have full intention on making it as fabulous as front row seats at a Katy Perry concert.

For those of you who have endless curiosity, here are some fun facts about us! We are three sisters from a beautiful city just outside of Austin, Texas!

We started our company almost a year ago now, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Our main focus is reaching out to girls who love to look, feel, and live happily! 

Our party began with the support of our rocking parents and one a of kind grandpa. We pretty much hit the jackpot with those three!                                       


We are so blessed to have all of y'alls love & support out there!

Stay tuned,

We have some awesome things headed y'alls way!


Jade, Lexi Lynn, & Brooke 


  • Jacqueline Harless

    You ladies are wonderful. We need more empowering women like y’all. Thank you. Oh yeah, your site is amazing.

  • Maggie
    I absolutely love y’all’s brand!! I looked at tons of boutiques to find y’all’s shirts, and I finally found them! Your brand makes me HAPPY. I have never seen a brand that writes hand written notes. Thanks for all you do Xoxo, Maggie

  • Macy

    I saw y’all’s first collection at first Monday in canton and have been obsessed ever since!!! I love how yall perfectly capture the southern girl sass and charm. So comfy and so cute. I’m a HAPPY shopper!

  • Cori Masters

    So beyond excited! Thought yall should know that I’ve been completely obsessed with your designs since day one. Literally made a personal goal to collect EVERY shirt yall come out with. I’ve never been so HAPPY about a brand until I discovered yall last fall. From the super adorable logo, to the hand written notes all the way down to the customized packing, I just can’t get enough! So interested in y’all’s journey and now we get an inside look! Keep up the great work girls! Love everything you do!

  • Kassidy

    Absolutely love y’all! All your items and personalized notes always bring a smile to my face and I can’t wait to read how everyone is doing in these posts!!