Donuts Make Us Go Nuts!

There are a lot of special national holidays that we as a nation celebrate every single year. Some more exciting than others, but today, we are here to give more love and recognition to something very near & dear to our hearts here at Jadelynnbrooke.. A day so epic, it deserves its on dance party & it’s own moment of silence. NATIONAL DONUT DAY!

That’s right people, let’s just take a second to celebrate and honor the donut Gods for creating these round bundles of heavens sugary goodness.


We also thought that due to our expertise on the matter, that we would share with all of you our personal fav flavors and give you a little back story on when our love for this creation sparked into something major.

Long story short, our grandpa – Big Daddy – didn’t only help us create our entire platform for happiness, but he also gets full credit in providing little Jade, Lexi Lynn, and Brooke with donut holes at a young age. Every morning after sleeping over at his house, the smell of chocolate Dunkin’ Donut holes filled the kitchen. Trust us, that stuff is so much better than waking up to the
smell of bacon. smell of bacon. smell of bacon. 

There is a lot of little things that make us happy every single day, but donuts are prominently at the top of the list. Happy National Donut day, everybody! Celebrate big and enjoy yo self!

Brooke's: Cinnamon glazed twists

Lexi Lynn's: Blueberry cake donuts

Jade's: Chocolate cake donuts